NERO Hotel Booking

Hotel Booking Opens Monday August 28th at noon. The hotel block for parents will open at noon on Monday August 28, 2017. The Marriott is the host hotel and all the other hotels are approximately an 8-10 minute walk. The links for all hotel blocks are below. You will also see below the daily schedule.

HOTELS New England Oireachtas 2016

Hotel Information Room reservations for the 2016  New England Oireachtas for the general public will open at 800am EST on Monday, August 29th. All booking links and toll free numbers are attached.   PLEASE NOTE Reservations will be closed in central reservations, hotel reservations and the online booking links will be disabled from Thursday, August 25 at 500pm EST

Orlando overflow hotels

North American Irish Dance Championships 2016 in Orlando Hi to all our competitive Irish Dancers.  We have heard today that the Southern Region, organizers of the NAIDC, are happy to announce that two new Overflow Hotels for the North American Irish Dance Championships 2016 in Orlando, Florida. The links to all the information and the

**Hotel Booking – 2016 North American Irish Dance Championships

General hotel booking for the 2016 North American Irish Dance Championships will open on Monday November 2nd at 10am (U.S. Eastern Standard Time). Our host hotel is the Orlando Marriott World Center at 8701 World Center Drive, Orlando, FL 32821.  We also have a range of Overflow hotels, opening on the same day. Details on each hotel will be

NAIDC – 2015

Rounds Schedule for Nationals is below. DOWNLOAD HERE They also have a personalized cell phone application called Guidebook. Our customized Guidebook application is a central location to find NAIDC 2015 information on the go. This app includes schedules, venue maps, links to our social media pages, Well-Wishes and much more. To download our NAIDC Guidebook

Connecticut Shoreline Irish Dance Championships 2015

Fifth Annual Connecticut Shoreline Irish Dance Championships Saturday, March 7th 2015 Venue Hilton Hartford Hotel · 315 Trumbull Street · Hartford, CT 06103 The block is open for booking. The booking Link is: or Call 800-445-8667 or 860 -728-5151
and ask for CT Shoreline Irish Dance Championships – code “SIDC” Volunteers Click to volunteer Lunch